Welcome to the crossroads of experience and innovation—where the wisdom of the boomer generation meets the energetic pace of the zoomers. I am James Wm Frank, the heart and soul behind Boomer To Zoomer. My story begins in the streets of Akron, Ohio, where, at six years old, my entrepreneurial journey took its first steps.

Over the decades, that journey has spanned over eighteen corporations across various sectors, from manufacturing to personal development, driven by a ceaseless passion for business and an appetite for personal achievement. As someone who has ventured to five continents and 26 countries, my purpose has been refined to not only succeed but also to serve and inspire.

Boomer To Zoomer is more than a business; it’s a testament to lifelong learning and the relentless pursuit of both time and money—not as ends, but as means to make a significant impact. It’s here that I share the wisdom gleaned from a lifetime of entrepreneurial ventures, and it’s here that we invite you to join a community intent on growth, reinvention, and legacy-building.

If you’re looking to pivot your life towards passion, if you’re ready to take control of your narrative and make a difference, Boomer To Zoomer is your starting line. Join us as we journey together, learning, evolving, and enriching the world with the legacies we create.