Best-Selling Author James Wm Frank

It is an honor to earn the coveted recognition of being termed a Best-Selling Author. Wich means third party endorsement will allow me to continue and expand the focus on the successes of the baby boomer cohort. If you have a renewed passion in a new area of your life, I want to hear about it.

Boomer to Zoomer is collecting the life stories of change agents in their mature years. The wisdom and experiences are critical to our future. There will be seventy-three million people over sixty-five by 2020. The loss of corporate and social wisdom is already be seen as retirees leave the workforce and take their know-how with them.

Help me leave the woodpile higher than we found it. Send me your story to be part of the forthcoming book The Renascent Boomer – A Tsunami Rising. 


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