Weekly 5-Outtakes

Weekly 5-Outtakes

Hi All;

Here are the puissant shiny objects that lured my attention this week.

Books Revisited

Stephan Covey became famous with his book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  Not only did I internalize the principles from reading it many years ago, the lessons are time-honored and great reminders of the many principles that successful people use over and over again. They especially apply to the renascent boomer who is grasping new endeavors. I find it very interesting what I underlined and noted many years ago. I am grateful that I have the original book in my library.

Hacks I Am Using

A close friend introduced me to a great focus app extension for Chrome, from momentumdash.com.  It adds a tab page to the browser that asks for, and then reminds me of the MIT (Most Important Thing) for the day. Against a backdrop of very picturesque and calming landscapes, it provides a motivational quote, weather, and to-do icons. Every time a new tab is opened, it comes up first to remind me to stay focused on the one thing I must complete today.

My Focus and Concentration Tool

“If I say yes to this, what am I saying no to?”

Person I am enjoying following

Dorie Clark is extremely talented and a prolific writer about taking a new direction in life. She also provides great resource material for valuable business and life processes. Along with her book Reinventing You, Dorie provides a Reinvention Self-Assessment Toolkit with very thought provoking questions to help you define what your passions are and how to get moving on realizing your desires.

Success Affirmation Today

I create the success habit of taking action, now!

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