Weekly 5 Outtakes October 13, 2017

Weekly 5 Outtakes October 13, 2017

So, hello again, Zoomers. My apologies for the hiatus in posting my Outtakes for the latest week in my latest 90-Day Adventure. I was on an unexpected sabbatical of a whirlwind kind following the passing of my only child, Mary Boleyn. The lessons experienced from such an event for a baby boomer have been profound and life-changing. As I have often said, if you want to change your life, you must change your life. As regularly happens, we don’t get to choose the time and place of high impact life events. We do have a choice, however, in how we will respond to those events.

Many topics passed through my awareness as I attempted to stay in the moment for the events as they unfolded surrounding my daughter’s transition from, and celebration of, this life. I will expound on the observations over time with you as important turning points that have become part of the fabric of my life story and legacy.

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What I am reading

Wicked Problems Workable Solutions – Lessons from a Public Lifeby: Daniel Yankelovich

From the dedication: “I dedicate this book to the thinkers who kept my interest in philosophy alive long after I had grown disillusioned with logic as a way of discovering the truths of living.”

Mr. Yankelovich speaks to me when he reiterates that our experiences are beyond the physical dimensions of Aristotelian and Newtonian frameworks. “It is no accident that we humans are most comfortable with storytelling. The story of our lives is a series of answers to the question: “And then what happened?”

What Else I am reading

On Death & Dying – What the Dying Have to Teach Doctors, Nurses, Clergy and Their Own Families – by: Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

I read this when I started working at a hospital as a teenager thinking it would help me develop better bed-side-manner. I decided to revisit the updated version following the passing of my only child in July 2017. I am no longer amazed lessons learned still require refreshing and updating. Not only can grieving be repeated for the same event, it can be triggered for so many components of the past that demand we stop and acknowledge that they are human events, which fail to follow a predictable unfaltering sequence.

App I am loving

Recording my thoughts in a useful manner for transcription. I am constantly coming up with ideas that need follow up. I discovered a voice recording on Google Docs that allows me to record quick thoughts directly into text that I can later transcribe to files and label for further research.  This saves me hours of time and reduces losing thought threads of great ideas.

Fiverr Gig I am loving

I use Fiverr for many services that I sub-contract out. I have found Fiverr the best service for transcription, logo creation, and character creation artists. This was a personal character creation that I really liked. Check out all the Gig producers and have fun.

Best Flipboard Article

Boomers: What’s Your American Dream Story? Discover the disparaging differences between the early and late baby boomers. Take a quiz and let me know what opportunity or inequality describes your life adventure.

What I am working on

Working with young adults this week gave me hope that the future will have bright minds to overcome the challenges of our planet’s stewardship. I had the distinct opportunity to share with high school students some of the soft skills that I feel are important in developing before applying for their first job. The number one soft skill should be to learn how to set goals. Unfortunately, these skills are not being taught in our school systems. I asked how many students had been asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”. The response was 100%. I then asked how many have been asked, “What do you want your life to look like when you grow up?”. The response was zero. As my mom said, the emphasis is on the wrong syllable. Visit: boomertozoomer.com for more details on goal setting for young adult job seekers.

Weekly 5 Outtakes July 12, 2017

Weekly 5 Outtakes July 12, 2017

What I am reading

Find Your Balance Point: Clarify Your Priorities, Simplify Your Life, and Achieve More – by Brian Tracy and Christine Stein

We all struggle, occasionally, with the overwhelming feeling of having more chores to do than can be completed in the hours left in the day. Whether it’s career or family deadlines, stress results in less than perfect outcomes and we feel inadequate. All the items on the to-do list seem like the most important things at any one time. How we organize our thinking first will result in the best outcomes and leave us with a feeling of contentment. Brian and his daughter explore the questions, regarding career and family, and provide answers as to how to achieve more in less time, and feel good about it.

Not all 90-Day Adventures turn out the same

Many personal and business development icons suggest taking the next 90-100 days to focus on our most immediate goals. Three months is regarded as significant for several reasons as I share in this video.

Being an adventure means that we never know how each ninety-day journey is going to turn out, what results we will discover. For me, that is most exciting. The joy in life is the journey. As goal setting organisms, we tend to compare the current results with past results. I contend that each individual adventure has its own merits and consequences. Taking time to compare current results with past results consumes valuable time and provides little improvement. Take each adventure as it comes and enjoy the ride.

Best Flipboard Article.

Dawn of the pre-tiree – What to call the time of life between work and old age? The Harvard Grant Study, a 75-year longitudinal study of 268 Harvard sophomores from classes of 1939 to 1944, discusses new stages of aging in later years between career and retirement. I agree with terming this time Pretirement. Baby boomers, those born between 1946 and 1964, are starting many new businesses as a means of a second career. As 10,000 baby boomers are reaching and surpassing 65, more and more agencies are researching to determine the requirements of the largest cohort to exist to this time in history. It behooves all of us to stay current on the impact they will have on our future. Share your accomplishments from new adventures taken after ending your working career.

What I am working on

On August 1, I am sitting down with Brian Tracy in the Boomer to Zoomer studio to discuss his views and outtakes on being out in front of the baby boomer generation. This will be the first time Brian will give his personal interpretation on aging and how to take advantage of the current technology to create a life of significance after reaching pretirement. The resulting video and book will be published as Force of Purpose – Driven Against All Odds. The documentary video will be submitted to the Telly Awards and Legacy Film Festival on Aging 2018. Producers for the documentary will be honored with being recognized as film producers in the credits, along with press releases and posters. Contributors to Gofundme will have their names included as well.

Shout Out

Shout out to one of my biggest inspirations, Laura Eiman for earning her speaker’s award from the Bill Gove Speaking Workshop. Laura has made it her commitment to inspire, educate and encourage baby boomers to be all they can be. Watch for our follow-up podcast after she won the Gold Medal for Weightlifting at the recent Masters Pan Am Games. I look forward to attending her next speaking engagement. You may follow her at fb Laura Eiman.

What I am loving

Zoomers want to leave nothing on the playing field. Consequently, we often ignore the tell-tale signs of burnout. I remind myself each day to stop and smell the roses. In my case, the “roses” are often deer in my yard watching me watch them, hummingbirds at the feeder who buzz by me often as I traverse the yard, Mallards, and Canadian Geese as they grace the banks of my NC secluded lake, and Carolina Wren babies that guest the nests their parents build close to the house. They each help remind me of my connection to nature and our co-existence requirements.

Weekly 5-Outtakes April 11

Weekly 5-Outtakes

Hack for learning online:
I am always on the lookout for quality education. In today’s world, online education is enormous. As always, it is buyer beware. One site that I have taken several courses on Facebook marketing is Udemy.com I noticed that Brian Tracy has added his course on leadership. https://www.udemy.com/home/my-courses/learning/

Book I am reading;
Create Your Best Life – The Ultimate Life List Guide
Caroline Adams Miller & Michael B. Frisch This book is packed with useful information on combining goal setting with positive mindedness.

Affirmation that I say daily:
I eat only foods that nourish and build my body. I eat only foods that nourish and build my body. I eat only foods that nourish and build my body.
Occasionally, I find myself raising my voice on this one as I head toward the kitchen.

What is your GLI: Greatest Longterm Impact
Creating clarity of values results in clarity of purpose, leading to clarity of focus on the most important think you need to concentrate on to have the greatest long-term impact. I say think because when we “think”, we arrive at the activity that will have the greatest impact over the long term. Work your plan backward and think, what is the most important use of my time, right now? That is your Most Important Think!

Best Flip board article of the week
Will Boomers Lead The Next Startup Explosion?
Elaine Pofeldt , Forbes Magazine Contributor.
This is an excellent article, It states that nearly 20% of those over fifty are self-employed.

Weekly 5-Outtakes March 16

Weekly 5-Outtakes March 16

Process hacks that assist in focus and concentration
Having a 90-Day Adventure card that I can carry in my pocket of wallet provides a visual reminder of the most important thing I need to accomplish in a given day. The sense of accomplishment at the end of the day is reinforced by three senses, physically checking it off after reading it, sub-verbalizing it as complete and seeing the check mark of completion. It contributes to peace of mind.

TedEx Talk that taught me
What obituaries can teach us about living.

Book I am reading
Kiss That Frog! by Brian Tracy – Repeatedly, as we develop ourselves, we need to renew our belief in ourselves at each new level. Brian reminds us of proven methods we all can use to help turn negatives into positives.

One thing I am grateful for
I am excited for the adventures that start my day and allow it to close with the feeling that I have done my best.

Health process I am enjoying
Do not take a sauna without medical advice. For me, nothing beats a sauna for stress release and meditation time. I have not been able to ignore wanting to record the great ideas that come to me while relaxing, so I voice record and transcribe later.

Weekly 5-Outtakes Feb 17

Audio program I am listening to:

Self Discipline by Brian Tracy Spaced repetition of knowledge input is one of the most important habits that will catapult you to your goals faster than anything you could do. Gentlemen, this is a football, stated Vince Lombardi at the beginning of every training season for the Green Bay Packers. It is the basics that slip us up every time. You will know when you have integrated a new habit when you find yourself repeating the learned phrases on your own. Like taking a shower, repeated lessons are vital to daily results.

Thoughts I Am Pondering

Here is my next book title Force of Purpose (www.forceofpurpose.com). When the mind’s eye vision is so strong, the facts don’t matter. Overcoming hours of aloneness and accepting when enough is good enough are a welcome normal.

Exploring New Questions Reveal the Same Old Answers

Keep asking the 5-Whys. Questions are always the answers. What do you value? Why? What are your motives? Like a small child striving for a deeper answer, asking why, five time in a row, will expose core beliefs and opportunities to excel.

Boomer To Zoomer Flip Article Getting Attention

Boomerang kids causing baby boomer parents to stress about retirement, survey suggests

The kids leave and then come back. It is said; “Man is the only animal that lets them back in the nest.” More than 40% of new businesses are being started by those over fifty years old. And they want to learn the skills to success quickly. Their reasons abound.

What I am reading.

Boomer Reinvention, How to Create Your Dream Career Over 50.

And today, a question for you to ponder.

What is on your Minimal-List? What are some of the things you would have to have at the least, being a baby boomer going forward? Is travel a must for you? Is living close to the grandchildren of upmost importance? What are your “No matter what” items that take precedence over time and money?

Weekly 5-Outtakes Jan 24

Weekly 5-Outtakes Jan 24

Build the foundation strong and deep. Often folks get this far into the new year and lose confidence. Life gets in the way and disruptions happen. This is when I remind myself that those enormous 100 story skyscrapers start with months of excavating and construction to strengthen the foundation before anything is seen above ground. Goals need foundations. What is the next MIT (Most Important Thing) that you need to do to move ahead? Remember, minutes of preparation, save hours of implementation.

Book I am reading
Fifty-five, Unemployed, and Faking Normal: Your Guide to a Better Retirement Life – Elizabeth (Lizzy) White
This too will pass. We have all heard that remark from some well-meaning friend at some point in our lives when disappointment and even severe loss has lifted its ugly head. Everything happens for a reason is another phrase meant to console us in times of trouble. The truth is that our lives are filled with problems that need to be solved. Occasionally, our daily problems are interrupted by periods of catastrophe. The point being that we all are in a crisis, just heading out of a crisis, or just about to head into a crisis. The question is how are we going to think our way out of the situation in which we find ourselves. Elizabeth White forces us to look at our responses and suggests better methods with which to recover our belief in ourselves and the world. An excellent read!

Affirmation I am repeating.                                                                                        Personal responsibility is the cornerstone of creating change in our lives. Once we accept that what we think and how we think are under our control, we have the profound realization that “I am powerful beyond measure.”

The Three Biggest Alternative Facts About Baby Boomers – Exposed
Once you stop steady employment, you can never get a decent job.
Owning my own business is out of the question at my age.
My contribution is not as valuable now as it was in the past.

What I’m researching
What’s the story on Telomeres? Biologist Elizabeth Blackburn and psychologist Elissa Epel detail ways average Joes and Janes can protect their telomeres — and possibly live longer and feel better.

Weekly 5-Outtakes

Weekly 5-Outtakes

So, Hello Again,

Here are your Weekly 5-Outtakes from Boomer to Zoomer. These are ideas that caught my attention from the past week. Personal effective achievement is built on those areas to which we give attention.

Healthy Thinking – As we age, we naturally lose muscle mass. Strength training is essential to maintaining bones strong and aid in stabilizing balance. Falls that result in bone fractures can lead to long periods of inactivity and declining well-being. You have seen many baby boomers already showing that hunched back posture that restricts breathing and circulation. As important as cardio exercise and weight training are, stretching muscles several times a day are absolutely essential to staying limber and improving circulation while reducing joint pain. Start your day with back and shoulder stretches. Be aware of lowering your shoulders when you find them up around your ears. I invested in a shoulder harness to help build muscle memory. It feels really, good to wear it even for a couple of hours while sitting and walking around and I find my posture has improved substantially.

Hacks I am using – If you get as tired as I do of finding the last product search I did showing up on my social media pages, try using the Incognito function on the Chrome browser. You can switch between an Incognito window and any regular Chrome browsing windows you have open. Product searches from an Incognito window remain confidential.

How I Avert Scarcity Impulses – Scarcity and limiting abundance are techniques used in marketing to coerce you to take action before time runs out or supply disappears. Research shows that we all are drawn to take action before the opportunity is gone forever, or so we think. One of the greatest reminders that I learned from Brian Tracy years ago, is that “There is always another bus!” I have used it with urgent sales people ever since and it stops them in their tracks. Whenever you find yourself wrought with anxiety to decide, right now, remind yourself; there is always another bus. You will feel better and more in control of your decisions.

How I Absorb Books – I read several hours every day and go through 2-3 books per week, plus hundreds of research-articles. I use the OPIR method for getting the most accelerated learning to absorb books quickly. Overview, Preview, In-view, & Review.

Overview – Quickly read the covers, table of contents and bibliography to check for relevance.

Preview – Go through chapter headings and quickly and take in key points, especially those of interest at-the-moment. If nothing interests you, get rid of the book. You will never remember any of It anyway.

In-view – Delve into greater depth. Turn each page and read paragraph beginnings to get the gist, especially on topics of interest at the time. Highlight key passages as you read. Make the book yours!

Review – Take a short time to go page by page where you have highlighted and written notes. You now have excellent comprehension and can quickly grasp the key points of interest to you in the future.

Affirmation I Am Repeating – Stop smoldering and start igniting your life! Shoulda, coulda, woulda, someday, are not in the vocabulary of the effective achiever. Drive comes from the love of the game. If you love what you do, your passion will exude. Remember, in the back of your mind, you know the clock is ticking and running out. Regret only the things you have never tried.

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Weekly 5-Outtakes

Weekly 5-Outtakes

Hi All;

Here are the puissant shiny objects that lured my attention this week.

Books Revisited

Stephan Covey became famous with his book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  Not only did I internalize the principles from reading it many years ago, the lessons are time-honored and great reminders of the many principles that successful people use over and over again. They especially apply to the renascent boomer who is grasping new endeavors. I find it very interesting what I underlined and noted many years ago. I am grateful that I have the original book in my library.

Hacks I Am Using

A close friend introduced me to a great focus app extension for Chrome, from momentumdash.com.  It adds a tab page to the browser that asks for, and then reminds me of the MIT (Most Important Thing) for the day. Against a backdrop of very picturesque and calming landscapes, it provides a motivational quote, weather, and to-do icons. Every time a new tab is opened, it comes up first to remind me to stay focused on the one thing I must complete today.

My Focus and Concentration Tool

“If I say yes to this, what am I saying no to?”

Person I am enjoying following

Dorie Clark is extremely talented and a prolific writer about taking a new direction in life. She also provides great resource material for valuable business and life processes. Along with her book Reinventing You, Dorie provides a Reinvention Self-Assessment Toolkit with very thought provoking questions to help you define what your passions are and how to get moving on realizing your desires.

Success Affirmation Today

I create the success habit of taking action, now!