Weekly 5-Outtakes

Weekly 5-Outtakes

So, Hello Again,

Here are your Weekly 5-Outtakes from Boomer to Zoomer. These are ideas that caught my attention from the past week. Personal effective achievement is built on those areas to which we give attention.

Healthy Thinking – As we age, we naturally lose muscle mass. Strength training is essential to maintaining bones strong and aid in stabilizing balance. Falls that result in bone fractures can lead to long periods of inactivity and declining well-being. You have seen many baby boomers already showing that hunched back posture that restricts breathing and circulation. As important as cardio exercise and weight training are, stretching muscles several times a day are absolutely essential to staying limber and improving circulation while reducing joint pain. Start your day with back and shoulder stretches. Be aware of lowering your shoulders when you find them up around your ears. I invested in a shoulder harness to help build muscle memory. It feels really, good to wear it even for a couple of hours while sitting and walking around and I find my posture has improved substantially.

Hacks I am using – If you get as tired as I do of finding the last product search I did showing up on my social media pages, try using the Incognito function on the Chrome browser. You can switch between an Incognito window and any regular Chrome browsing windows you have open. Product searches from an Incognito window remain confidential.

How I Avert Scarcity Impulses – Scarcity and limiting abundance are techniques used in marketing to coerce you to take action before time runs out or supply disappears. Research shows that we all are drawn to take action before the opportunity is gone forever, or so we think. One of the greatest reminders that I learned from Brian Tracy years ago, is that “There is always another bus!” I have used it with urgent sales people ever since and it stops them in their tracks. Whenever you find yourself wrought with anxiety to decide, right now, remind yourself; there is always another bus. You will feel better and more in control of your decisions.

How I Absorb Books – I read several hours every day and go through 2-3 books per week, plus hundreds of research-articles. I use the OPIR method for getting the most accelerated learning to absorb books quickly. Overview, Preview, In-view, & Review.

Overview – Quickly read the covers, table of contents and bibliography to check for relevance.

Preview – Go through chapter headings and quickly and take in key points, especially those of interest at-the-moment. If nothing interests you, get rid of the book. You will never remember any of It anyway.

In-view – Delve into greater depth. Turn each page and read paragraph beginnings to get the gist, especially on topics of interest at the time. Highlight key passages as you read. Make the book yours!

Review – Take a short time to go page by page where you have highlighted and written notes. You now have excellent comprehension and can quickly grasp the key points of interest to you in the future.

Affirmation I Am Repeating – Stop smoldering and start igniting your life! Shoulda, coulda, woulda, someday, are not in the vocabulary of the effective achiever. Drive comes from the love of the game. If you love what you do, your passion will exude. Remember, in the back of your mind, you know the clock is ticking and running out. Regret only the things you have never tried.

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