Weekly 5-Outtakes Feb 17

Audio program I am listening to:

Self Discipline by Brian Tracy Spaced repetition of knowledge input is one of the most important habits that will catapult you to your goals faster than anything you could do. Gentlemen, this is a football, stated Vince Lombardi at the beginning of every training season for the Green Bay Packers. It is the basics that slip us up every time. You will know when you have integrated a new habit when you find yourself repeating the learned phrases on your own. Like taking a shower, repeated lessons are vital to daily results.

Thoughts I Am Pondering

Here is my next book title Force of Purpose (www.forceofpurpose.com). When the mind’s eye vision is so strong, the facts don’t matter. Overcoming hours of aloneness and accepting when enough is good enough are a welcome normal.

Exploring New Questions Reveal the Same Old Answers

Keep asking the 5-Whys. Questions are always the answers. What do you value? Why? What are your motives? Like a small child striving for a deeper answer, asking why, five time in a row, will expose core beliefs and opportunities to excel.

Boomer To Zoomer Flip Article Getting Attention

Boomerang kids causing baby boomer parents to stress about retirement, survey suggests

The kids leave and then come back. It is said; “Man is the only animal that lets them back in the nest.” More than 40% of new businesses are being started by those over fifty years old. And they want to learn the skills to success quickly. Their reasons abound.

What I am reading.

Boomer Reinvention, How to Create Your Dream Career Over 50.

And today, a question for you to ponder.

What is on your Minimal-List? What are some of the things you would have to have at the least, being a baby boomer going forward? Is travel a must for you? Is living close to the grandchildren of upmost importance? What are your “No matter what” items that take precedence over time and money?